Mortgages in Portugal

Mortgage deal with Maximum Borrowing

Looking to borrow as much as you can on a mortgage in Portugal? This mortgage product offers up to 80% Loan to the Value of the property.

This mortgage is available for non-residents of Portugal. Our example demonstrates indicative mortgage conditions for a borrowing of up to 80% LTV.


  • Property value: EUR 200,000
  • Loan amount: EUR 160,000
  • LTV (loan to Value): 80%
  • Term of Mortgage ( Max 30 yrs): 30 years
  • Maximum age of applicants on final loan repayment: 75 years old
  • Type of Mortgage: Capital and Interest Repayment
  • Interest rate (Variable interest rate): 3M Euribor +2.15% (currently 0.71% + 2.15%= 2.86%)
  • monthly payment over 30 years:  €663 pcm
  • monthly payment over 20 years:  €876 pcm
  • monthly payment over 10 years:  €1535 pcm
  • Early Redemption: Total early redemption and partial redemption: 0.5%

Comment: For such a large loan percentage, the interest rates compare very favourably, especially when compared with the neighbours, Spain. This loan is very flexible.

If you prefer to place only a small deposit down on the property, this could be the mortgage for you. Please contact the mortgage supplier here for more information.

This information should only be used as a guide. All product specifications will depend on the individual’s financial circumstances. The products mentioned here are for non-resident clients, other products will be available for residents. Information correct as of 15/06/10.

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Mortgages in Portugal
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