Mortgages in Portugal

What Will I Need?

What information will I need to supply, for a mortgage in Portugal?


  • Portuguese Tax Number (Número Fiscal de Contribuinte)
  • Copy of ID card(s) or passport(s)
  • Last three month’s statements of your current account
  • Last three month’s statements of your savings account(s)
  • Confirmation / valuation of other savings such as ISA’s, share portfolio’s, endowment policies
  • Utility bill confirming the address in your home country
  • Bank reference letter from your main bank
  • If constructing or renovating a property – copies of the Planning Permission and Building Licences and the building quote.

If employed

  1. Last year tax returns (P60 in the UK)
  2. Last three month’s pay slips
  3. Reference from employer, referring that you have a permanent job (simple letter stating that you have been working with the company for a certain time) along with your terms of employment

If employed by a limited company
with a shareholding of 20% or more, or Self Employed

  1. Latest personal tax return
  2. Latest Company tax return
  3. Last 3 month’s business bank statements
  4. Latest Profit & Loss accounts, signed by your accountants.

Other Income (if applicable)

  1. Confirmation of Pension received for the last three months
  2. Confirmation of Rent received – copy tenancy agreement
  3. Copy of bank statements showing rent payments

Liabilities (if requested by the mortgage broker)

  1. Latest mortgage statement(s)
  2. Details of personal loans (principal due, monthly installments)
  3. Copy of tenancy agreement.
  4. (Some banks require a credit report for each applicant)

Information required regarding the property (To be provided by the seller or your Lawyer)

  • Land Registry search (Certidão de teor da descrição e inscrições em vigor)
  • Finance Department search  (Caderneta predial, Certidão de teor matricial, or  Modelo 1 do IMI)
  • Certified copy of the License of construction or habitation license (Licença de Construção ou Habitação)
  • To contact a mortgage broker to discover how we can help to make the whole process easier and cheaper for you, please use the contact form here, or call us.

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    Mortgages in Portugal
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