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Buying a property in Portugal may have been a dream. But, when you decide to turn that dream into reality, the doubts can creep in.

“Will I be able to get a mortgage?” is usually high on people’s list, once they’ve decided to visit Portugal and start viewing. If you use a mortgage broker to get the best mortgage deal available in Portugal, then you will ease the burden considerably and you can concentrate on selecting the right property to buy.

There are various options available and they are outlined here:


There’s various options available to you. Our brokers are specialists in seeking out the right option. In order to do this, they will need to know if answers to the following:

  • Are you buying a holiday home, or one to repatriate to permanently?
  • Is this solely an investment purchase?
  • Would you prefer to pay only the interest on the loan?
  • Over what period would you like the loan?
  • Will more than one person be buying the property?

The list is seemingly endless, so it makes sense to ask a broker to look into the mortgage deals available, before you proceed much further. Contact us here using our simple contact form.


It’s possible to get a constructon mortgage. In most cases, you could mortgage a small percentage of the price of the land and up to 100% of the construction cost. As countryside plots can be relatively cheap, this could be an ideal way to buy into the Portuguese property market and get exactly what you want.


There are some finance rules in Portugal that are different to the UK, for instance when considering equity release. The banks prefer for the released money to stay in Portugal, but if you need the equity in your home Country, we have a way to help.

We will find the best possible solution to your equity release need as we have many Portuguese lenders available to us. Raising capital on your existing property can be straight forward when you use an experienced mortgage broker to navigate around the various restrictions.


Looking to move within Portugal? If you’ve found the home of your dreams, but haven’t concluded a sale on your current home yet, we may be able to help. We have schemes to help you buy your new home and defer the mortgage payments so you can carry on paying your existing mortgage.


If you already have a mortgage in Portugal, it could pay to talk to us. We may be able to renegotiate your mortgage, or transfer it to another lender at no cost to you, saving you money. This only takes a few moments to find out and can give you considerable monthly savings.

To contact a mortgage broker to discover how we can help to make the whole process easier and cheaper for you, please use the contact form here, or call us.

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Mortgages in Portugal
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