Mortgages in Portugal

How to get Mortgages in Portugal

How to get a mortgage in Portugal.

Getting a mortgage in Portugal is relatively straightforward if you use a broker. The broker will already have well-established business relationships with lenders and the Portuguese banks. They will also help you along every step of the process and will liase with the currency brokers (to make sure your deposits are paid on time), the local lawyers and the ultimate lender / bank.

Having had a brief consultation, the brokers will usually be able to offer a choice of loans, from 100% LTV.

If you approach a bank direct, it stands to reason that all you will be offered is that bank’s mortgage products. So, the best way to get a mortgage in Portugal, that suits your circumstances, is to choose what suits you best from this review on our home page, and to apply direct to the brokers from there.

Mortgages in Portugal
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