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Our Mortgage brokers will take care of you

We work for YOU, not the Banks & Mortgage lenders.

Our team of experienced Portuguese Mortgage brokers will search for the best Mortgage that suits your circumstances and plans. We then make sure you get the best mortgage deal available, guiding you through all of the steps along the way.

We negotiate the best mortgage deal and help to save even more money by using our Foreign Exchange broker to secure the very best currency rates as well. Our FX service is free and will beat any bank.

Once you have your mortgage, we continue to look after you, if you need us.

Mortgages in Portugal help you search for the best mortgage deals in Portugal. We search for the lowest mortgage rates in Portugal on your behalf.

We are a brokerage service and search many mortgage providers in Portugal. If you’re looking to get a mortgage in Portugal, just use the contact us form, and we will be in touch with the best options available.

We are experienced in providing the following:

  • Mortgages for Portuguese residents
  • Mortgages for non-residents of Portugal
  • Acquisition Mortgages. Mortgages in Portugal for residential property including second homes.
  • Equity Release, or re-mortgaging.
  • Mortgage transfers within Portugal.
  • Offshore Mortgages, for properties situated in Portugal
  • Construction mortgages: ideal for property projects.

Use our free online mortgage calculator to estimate a mortgage cost in Portugal. There are several variables including the mortgage rates.

Use our free currency calculator tool to see what your money is worth today, in Euros.

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Mortgages in Portugal
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