Mortgages in Portugal

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Why use us as a Mortgage Broker?

Simply put; You’ll save money and time. However, the greatest benefit is that or experienced morgage brokers will find the mortgage that suits your circumstances best, rather than you taking the option that is most convenient to you which may cost much more over the mortgage term.

All of our brokers offer straight forward, professional advice and are qualified by the Financial Services Authority, UK. The brokers┬ádon’t sell their own mortgage products, but offer the services of the majority of Portuguese banks who will offer their own mortgages.

Our mortgage brokers have maintained exceptionally good relationships with the Portuguese banks and have negotiated special conditions with some lenders for all of their clients. Our brokers have a combined experience in the Portuguese mortgage market of over 10 years.

Our brokers have previously worked within well known European banks and have Private Banking experience of over 15 years. They are well versed in analyzing financial backgrounds and presenting suitable lending solutions.

Their experience with offshore jurisdiction also affords them great knowledge with tax efficient vehicles in order to assist high net worth clients, with their borrowing requirements.

Our mortgage brokerage team can assist clients in English, French and German.

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Mortgages in Portugal
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