Mortgages in Portugal

Best Interest Only Mortgage in Portugal

Interest-only mortgage in Portugal, currently available for the life of the mortgage.

This interest only mortgage is at a competitive rate, and has no early redemption penalty. Our example demonstrates indicative mortgage conditions for a borrowing of up to 50% LTV ( For non-residents of Portugal)


  • Property value: EUR 200,000
  • Loan amount: EUR 100,000 (Minimum loan amounty of €75,000)
  • LTV (loan to Value): 50%
  • Term of Mortgage ( Max 30 yrs): 30 years
  • Maximum age of applicants on final loan repayment: 75 years old
  • Type of Mortgage: Interest only mortgage for the term of the loan
  • Interest rate (Variable interest rate): 3M Euribor +0.95% (currently 0.71%+0.95%= 1.66%)
  • Interest only, monthly payment: €138.35 pcm
  • Early Redemption: Total early redemption and partial redemption: 0%

Comment: This is a fantastic opportunity to keep the cost of borrowing in Portugal as low as possible, with the very least cost to the borrower.

If you have plenty of deposit to place down on the property, this could be the mortgage for you. Please contact the mortgage supplier here for more information.

This information should only be used as a guide. All product specifications will depend on the individual’s financial circumstances. The products mentioned here are for non-resident clients, other products will be available for residents. Information correct as of 15/06/10.

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Mortgages in Portugal
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