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    Why use us as a Mortgage Broker?

    Simply put; You'll save money and time. However, the greatest benefit is that or experienced mortgage brokers will find the mortgage that suits your circumstances best, rather than you taking the option that is most convenient to you which may cost much more over the mortgage term.

    All of our brokers offer straight forward, professional advice and are qualified by the Financial Services Authority, UK. The brokers don't sell their own mortgage products, ... More on this

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    Buying a property in Portugal may have been a dream. But, when you decide to turn that dream into reality, the doubts can creep in.

    "Will I be able to get a mortgage?" is usually high on people's list, once they've decided to visit Portugal and start viewing. If you use a mortgage broker to get the best mortgage deal available in Portugal, then you will ease the burden considerably and you can concentrate on selecting the right property to buy.

    There are various options avalable and they are outlined here

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  • 100 Percent Mortgages in Portugal


    Loan to valuation

    Up to 100% of declared property purchase price

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    Latest Portuguese Mortgage Deals - 75%


    Loan to Valuation

    Product Offered
    Repayment mortgage

    Interest Rate..... More information

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    Search our large database of properties for sale in the Algarve & Silver Coast by clicking property for sale in Portugal. The site always has about 1,500 properties for sale.

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Mortgages in Portugal
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